Opportunities to influence…

In these times of policy reform and re-structuring, community-based organisations, peak bodies and educational institutions have frequent opportunities to make representations to government about the best direction for policy development.  But it takes time and expertise to gather from stakeholders what needs to be said, as well as the necessary data and research, and then to frame the most effective and appropriate position statements–often on multiple, complex issues.

Our services

AEQUITAS collaborative’s policy and advocacy services for community-based organisations, educational institutions and their peak bodies include:

  • Drafting submissions
  • Stakeholder surveys and consultation
  • Communications and advocacy planning
  • Alliance and coalition-building
  • Thought leadership strategy and content development

…strategise to make the most of them.

With careful attention to the range of interests and perspectives of your stakeholders, we can help you to develop strategies to shape and inform the political and policy environment, as well as with engaging key decision-makers.  We can help you integrate traditional, digital and social media outreach to amplify messages and promote an effective, cohesive, outward-facing story.

Don't miss important opportunities to represent your and your stakeholders' interests and to contribute to policy.
Grow your influence.
Lead thought.
Be part of change.

Our approach 

Our approach to policy analysis and strategic communications is grounded by high-level expertise in communications and our skills in  stakeholder network analysis. 

We factor stakeholder interests and capacities with street-level characterisation of the effects of policy, and then craft dead-eye messages to match!