The spectrum of community.

Every organisation is part of the community.  More or less explicitly. More or less effectively. The community, or a particular part of it, can be a pivotal stakeholder.

Community participation means different things in different contexts. It might be about communicating about a new service to a vulnerable, hard-to-reach demographic group. Or testing attitudes through a focus group.  On a larger platform, it might be about engaging citizens or users in the design of programs or policy.   Or on a smaller scale — corporate citizen-type initiatives, like sponsoring a football team, or providing a pro bono professional service.

To be successful and worthwhile, however, all community engagement initiatives must achieve a two-way connection.

Our approach

AEQUITAS collaborative’s community engagement practices acknowledge the fundamental tenets of Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD).

What we can do

AEQUITAS collaborative helps you to design, plan and implement creative, effective approaches towards community.  We enjoy mediating and facilitating direct personal communication — in the form of meetings, focus groups or other participatory forums.  (We run a really decent workshop…) We can design and arrange your connection to community through mainstream or social media, and other forms of communication.

Our community participation and integration services cover the developing scope of client need in this developing focus of organisational strategy. Our service areas include:

  • Activity-sharing: supporting the activities of a community (e.g. activity creation; sponsorship and direct investment)
  • Information delivery: communicating messages to the community (e.g. education programs; media stories; online processes)
  • Consultation: what does the community think? (e.g. community meetings; focus groups; key person interviews; surveys)
  • Active participation: the community engages in policy or programme creation (summits; community reference groups; World Café; OST; action research).