People make numbers happen. People make quality happen.

Numbers and client satisfaction are outcomes of the work of people. If people are committed and working together effectively, good numbers and gold quality service happens. If they are not, no new strategy or restructuring will make for lasting positive change.  

The evidence shows that organisations with healthy organisational culture weather change more successfully.

A high level of internal collaboration is a hugely important indicator of robust cultural health. Organisations that do best in managing change devote the most resources to genuinely engaging staff in transition processes from the get-go. 

How we can help

AEQUITAS collaborative can help you assess the health and character of your organisational culture  and to program change for improvement.

c. Nine indices

Nine Key Indices of Organisational Effectiveness
Source: De Smet, A., Loch, M., & Schaninger, B. (2007). The link between profits and organizational performance. The McKinsey Quarterly, 3, page 7