The problem with people problems…

Conflict within an organisation, or between organisations, can seriously impair the health of the organisation, or indeed, of the entire sector.  Unresolved conflict blocks change towards everyone’s better outcomes.

Collaborative dispute resolution

Our approach in collaborative problem-solving is built upon established principles and processes of mediated dispute resolution as sharpened through the collaborative lens. We strive not merely for compromise, with each party trading value, but for genuine win-win solutions.

The Thomas-Kilmann conflict model. Kilmann, R. H., & Thomas, K. W. (1975). Interpersonal conflict-handling behavior as reflections of Jungian personality dimensions. Psychological reports, 37(3), 971-980.

Our conflict resolution services

AEQUITAS collaborative’s conflict resolution services include:

  • Client and consumer complaints: process design; investigation; analysis.
  • Organisational culture: research, analysis and recommendations.
  • Conflicted teams or relationships: mediation and dispute resolution.
  • Specific conflicts (between or within organisations): mediation and dispute resolution.