The real problem with people problems…

Most of us like to avoid conflict and often it is best to do just that. But if there are or are likely to be different views on a matter, it can be better for  the parties themselves, for relations between them, and for their mutual interests, if differences are identified, voiced and acknowledged, and a course set towards non-escalation, de-escalation and resolution.  

So though it may be uncomfortable, it is not conflict itself but unmanaged conflict that blocks change towards everyone’s better outcomes. 

Our approach to collaborative dispute resolution

We believe that respectful conflict builds relationship.

Our approach to problem-solving issues between people, whatever the context, is built upon established principles and processes of mediated dispute resolution as sharpened through the collaborative lens. We strive not merely for compromise, with each party trading value, but for genuine win-win solutions.

The Thomas-Kilmann conflict model. Kilmann, R. H., & Thomas, K. W. (1975). Interpersonal conflict-handling behavior as reflections of Jungian personality dimensions. Psychological reports, 37(3), 971-980.

Our conflict management services

 Our conflict management services include:

  • Designing and delivering strategy in stakeholder and community engagement to prevent conflict arising.
  • Supporting you to deal positively with client and consumer complaints.
  • Mediating conflict with or between stakeholders, within teams, within the community or in other relationships.