The complexity of legislative review

A legislative review project encompasses processes of policy review, evaluation and development, jurisprudential analysis, regulatory design and stakeholder management — often in iterative cycles, and all within demanding parameters of time and scale. To this considerable task-set, we bring:

  • knowledge and experience in legislative reform
  • research and analysis capability, especially in legislative matters
  • PhD in regulatory governance
  • legislative review project planning and implementation experience 
  • qualitative research expertise
  • expertise in communication and facilitation
  • a reflexive policy development orientation
  • legal research and analysis skill
  • experience in consulting with sensitive and vulnerable stakeholder groups
  • recognised expertise in plain-English writing

How we can help

The goal is best practice, leading-edge, evidence-based policy. The way to get there is through genuinely reflexive policy practice, exceptional research, and exemplary project planning and implementation.   AEQUITAS collaborative aligns seamlessly with the client department or agency to pursue first-quality legislative reform through first-quality process in any and all of the project elements: 


Design project governance arrangements
Design project plan
Design communications plan
Design research and engagement methodology
Implement and administer project plan


Draft background/discussion paper
Identify issues
Agree objectives
Conduct network analysis
Identify stakeholders
Undertake comparative research


Engage with stakeholders
Collect and marshall data
Consider regulatory impact assessment

Analyse and

Conduct analysis
Make findings
Report findings and recommendations

How we go about it

AEQUITAS collaborative approaches legislative review committed to integrity in process. We are fascinated by multiple viewpoints and genuinely excited for the opportunity to assist in developing shared understanding about better ways to govern.