A focus in engagement and cross-sectoral collaboration

AEQUITAS collaborative provides consulting services in engagement and collaboration, with specific expertise in community, health, education and justice. 

We also provide support in other common areas of need for organisations experiencing substantial structural change: in strategy development, change management, governance frameworks, in policy and advocacy, the management of conflict and the development of organisational culture. 

Our approach to community and stakeholder engagement

Our engagement initiatives deliver certainty, generate understanding and alignment, promote well-being and provide valuable data to inform optimum design. We believe in the potential for outstanding results when people with a ‘stake in common’ listen to each other, try to identify a common vision, and then work together to realise it.

We approach our work in community and stakeholder engagement with analytic eye to the unique structure of the network of relationships surrounding each project, and stakeholders’ respective capacities to influence outcomes.

Working together, we are more than the sum of our parts. We can design better facilities and services, resolve disputes, improve well-being, reduce anxiety and uncertainty, and make the great and the hard decisions.

We are distinguished by…

  • Our expertise in the community, health and education sectors.
  • Depth in the policy background of all of our consultants.
  • Capacity to work effectively with disputatious and vulnerable stakeholders.
  • Regional and urban understanding.
  • ‘Relatability’.
  • Outstanding communications, research and reporting.
  • A media team.
  • Presence in Victoria, NSW, the ACT and SE Queensland.

We encourage and facilitate collaboration across sector silos…

The most effective organisations work not only with their staff, clients, and other close stakeholders, but with allied services, government agencies, higher education institutions and with the broader community, to find and deliver the most effective responses to complex problems and changing conditions. 

There are a range of models of partnership for social purpose.  The key is to identify the type of collaboration that would be useful as response for the particular risk  and opportunity profile associated with your particular phase of organisational or service development.

Organisations that collaborate are healthier, more resilient and more influential. 

Collaborative practice optimises the critical potential of ideas, skills, network connections and other important resources.

We can help you to assess what strategic cross-sectoral partnerships will answer the needs of your organisation. And then to find, establish and sustain a successful relationship.