Our work

AEQUITAS collaborative provides affordable, appropriate consulting services to not-for-profit organisations, peak bodies, social enterprises and educational institutions to help them to navigate changing conditions, reflect contemporary best practice, remain sustainable, improve quality and drive better performance. 

We have specific expertise in mental health, family, legal, and women’s services, and in the education sector.

We approach all of our work with a focus on the place of the organisation within its networks, and on the potential of effective collaboration with stakeholders inside and outside the organisation to realise the best possible outcomes.

The benefits of collaboration

The most effective contemporary community-based organisations work with their staff, clients, other stakeholders, allied services, government agencies, higher education institutions and with the broader community, to find and deliver the most effective responses to complex problems and changing conditions. 

Organisations that collaborate are healthier, more resilient and more influential. 

Collaborative practice optimises the critical potential of ideas, skills, network connections and other important resources.

Strategy - Change Management - Policy and Advocacy - Governance - Stakeholder Engagement - Culture