The benefits of stakeholder engagement.

Understanding the culture, interests, values, capacities, lines of influence, and expectations of the different members of the stakeholder network in which your organisation plays a part leads to optimised decision-making. What type of service does your client really need or want? What is quality of their experience in their client journey with your organisation? What value might an allied service provider add to your service offerings? What really matters to the parents of your students, to your funding bodies?

As important as the traditional SWOT analysis in strategy formation, effective stakeholder network analysis and engagement can reveal roadblocks, the source of unexplained conflict, new opportunities, new directions and potential trade-offs.

Who has a stake in who?

Analysing who your  stakeholders are and what makes them tick is a good first step but it’s like finding only half a key to a treasure trove. The social ecosystem of an organisation with its roots in community is a little more complex. We need to understand these characteristics about all the players in the networkinternally (e.g. staff, clients, students, board), externally (e.g. allied services, the community), ‘upstream’ (including funder, referrers and ‘feeder’ groups) and ‘downstream’ (external players that rely on your organisation).  

How does stakeholder network analysis work?

 Our stakeholder engagement services

AEQUITAS collaborative supports your stakeholder engagement practice by helping you to:

  • Analyse the interests, values, opinions and capacities of players in the organisation’s network.
  • Analyse for lines of actual and potential influence within the network.
  • Design strategy for optimum positioning for the organisation within the network.
  • Establish communication systems for the provision of on-going feedback.
  • Support your engagement with stakeholders through design and facilitation of consultation.
  • Help your organisation to develop longer-term capacity to engage with stakeholders more effectively.